Posted on: May 2, 2009 10:03 am

ANOTHER waste of time and money by Congress

It seems this happens every year.

Congressmen from states who felt that they were snubbed in the previous season's BCS picks raise a cry of unfairness.

This year, its Utah and Texas, but every year seems to have its roll cal of idiot lawmakers wasting their time, the public's time, and the public's money on BS like this. Do these guys have a serious ethical commitment to changing the "current system", whatever it might be that year, to a playoff?

No, they don't. But they can score some free publicity with the home folks voing in their next election, and this is what they're really after. They spend enough public money and time when their real campaign window comes around, let's not have them doing it now as well. Even if this were a valid topic of concern form lawmakers, and it isn't, they do have FAR, FAR more important work to be doing. Nine out of ten of these guys vote on bills they have never read, just been given summaries or and recommendations of by thier staff (or told how to vote on by their party.

I suggest that they use this WASTED time to at least learn something about the laws they are voting on that are their real business, the reason they get PAID by the public ... the job they were ELECTED TO DO.

Did ANY of these fools campaign on a program of changing the BCS system to a playoff and get elected to their office on that basis?

No, and I guarantee that. Actually for the most part, they weren't even elected on their own stand on any issues, but how successfully they managed to twist the words and view of their oppoents in negative campaign ads, no matter who that oppoenent was or how they really felt on issues. With that sort of unethical behavior getting them into office in the first place, I suppose I shouldn't be too surprised that they can't clean up their act and do their job, and do it right, once they squeeze their inflated heads thru their office doors in DC.
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