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Posted on: November 6, 2008 1:42 pm


I'm not sure I understand Dodd's statement, in his recent article, that Nick Saban probably has no more loyalty to Alabama than he did for Michigan State.

Loyalty is not a big part of the coaching profession anymore, and I don't know if it ever has been except in a few rare cases. Bear Brant coached at Maryland, Kentucky, and Texas A&M before Alabama. Is Dodd going to say that he doesn't know if Bryant had any more loyalty to Alabama than he had to Maryland?!?! LOL

The fact of the matter is that hot coaches look for destination schools, and if they can hack it at that school, they stay. In college football, the destination schools are Michigan, NotreDame, Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Alabama, Nebraska, and Southern Cal.

Florida, Penn State, and Florida State may one day join that list. To do so, Florida will have to stop leaking good coaches, and Penn State and Florida State will have to keep up the standard Bowden and Paterno have set, once those worthy gentlemen retire.

Miami (FL) had a chance to join that list, but during the period when that was a possibility they ran off quality coaches and brought in players of bad character. Now their momentum to become a destination school is essentially played out.

I expect that Nick Saban wil have a career at Alabama very much like Gene Stallings, except that I think he will do somewhat better than Stallings, and will last longer. I have nothing but respect for Coach Stallings, but his teams were somewhat one dimensional ... great defense and pray that it holds on each game.

Stallings career at Bama was cut short by family issues, and I beleive, a bad taste born of the player who signed an agent without telling anyone ... before he played more college games.

Saban has neither of these issues, and there is every reason to suspect that he will have a long and successful run as Alabama's coach. I think he will continue to produce fine defensive teams, and has already put more offense on the table than we enjoyed under Coach Stallings.

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