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Posted on: May 28, 2009 10:25 am
Edited on: August 8, 2010 12:58 pm

Response to Doyle

Greg Doyle just posted a blog titled "Paterno, selfish old man".

In it, he criticized Joe Paterno for stating that the Big 10 needs a 12th team, and it might come from the Big East. He also criticized the ACC for expanding with three Big East teams, and took a cheap shot at Penn State players.

Here's my response:


Every once in a rare while (very very very rare while LOL) we get a sensible column or blog from Doyle.

This wasn't it.

If he were discussing a child's birthday party, and 5 year old little Joey wouldn't let the birthday boy play with the football he'd unwrapped just minutes ago, then Doyle would be right on target.

This is not a child's birthday party, this is big time football and big time business. Sympathy or worry over a rival conference have nothing to do with it. In fact, the "Big East" has no long standing football tradition compared to EVERY OTHER major conference, and it would take decades of football excellence before it will ever be thought of the same way conferences who have established their reputations thru decades of play are.

The ACC was selfish for building their conference into the modern mold? Cry me a river, please. (OK, really, please DON'T). We are in the era of the conference championship game, with the money and national championship boost in prospects that brings. All the ACC did was face the facts of the modern system and find compatible and willing schools to fill out the required roster of teams. There was nothing selfish about it. If CBS had an opening for three writers (and truth be told by all rights they SHOULD), and hired them from FOX, would that be selfish? No, its just business.

The circumstance that the Big 10(11) has allowed itself to go this many years without getting into the 12 team cradle is quite surprising, and actually shows some level of incompetence among their decision makers. It certainly needs to happen, and every year spent with 11 teams and no championship game just deprives their conference.

Joe Paterno speaking publicly about this is not selfishness ... its not like no one else in the conference is aware of this need and no one else is considering the alternatives. He is just the guy who happened to speak about it at this time. I'm not a Penn State fan, but I do know that Joe Paterno isn't going to spin anything he says. He's as straight-forward as they come. Forthrightness does not equal selfishness, forthrightness is actually a virtue, Greg.

And I can guarantee that there are a number of schools in the Big East that would welcome ... coaches, players, and fans ... a chance to be in the Big Ten. Why are they in the Big East now? The Big East is an accumulation of formerly independent schools who found they needed a conference on the modern college football stage. There is no history, no loyalty, no warm feeling for a conference that never was until eastern independents found they needed a home. That's why Va Tech, BC, and Miami left when called to a traditional conference, and why another team will jump at the chance to move to the Big 10(12) if called.

By the way, the shot at Penn State players was just absurdly cheap, and you know it. EVERY school gets some problem players anymore, and Penn State has no worse record for that than any other school, and much better than many.

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