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Posted on: April 4, 2009 12:18 pm

Championship ecstacy or disappointment

Thirty three years ago I moved to the state of North Carolina after I left college. Never having been a particular fan of college basketball before that time, it was easy to pick up on the class, coaching brilliance, and winning tradition of Dean Smith and become a Tar Heel fan (in basketball only, btw LOL).

For various reasons, the other three teams' fans in this final four are dedicated to their team's success this weekend. Not to criticize Parrish's intent in this article, by the time a team reaches the Final Four, its nothing but a disappointment for ANY of their fans if they don't win it all.

Fans of three teams know that disappointment every year, and I don't think that feeling is keener for the expectations of the favorite, nor ameliorated for the fans of three teams who are 'not the favorite'.

Its a blessing and a curse to be a fan of a team that often reaches the brink if winning it all. For us, UNC has been there many times. Three times we've felt the ultimate satisfation, and the other years have had to content ourselves with 'wait until next year'. Well, the three times we enjoyed the Championship were also three times our 'wait until next year came true'. LOL However, we fans of the programs that get there a lot have a legitimate reason for the 'wait until next year'. Possibly fans of teams that aren't in the hunt so often feel the disapointment when they get close but don't win the Championship more keenly, because they know that chances for their team don't come around so often.

All four of these teams have worked hard and played hard to get here. None, on the face of it, is more deserving. For the sake of fandom I'd like to think the Tar Heels are, but that just a biased fan point of view, and I'm completely aware of that. Fans of the other three teams feel the same way about their guys and are fully entitled to feel that way.

So what to do about all this? Just sit back and enjoy the competition. Predictions don't matter. Favorites don't matter. What happens for 40 minutes of game time matters. And if our team wins it all, or loses, its a temporary high or low. It has absolutely no importance to the 'real world'. LOL There is more important work to be done by all of us, and more important problems to face, than who wins the next three NCAA basketball games.

Enjoy, and good luck to all four teams. (Yeah, like I really mean THAT LOL).

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