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Posted on: July 30, 2008 11:02 am

Doyle - Sour Grapes and Delusions of Grandeur

Over the years I've been OK with Doyle's comments on sports on this site. I never regarded him as any genius of either writing or sports analysis, but most of the time I could see his point.

Recently however, he has written two pieces that have marginalized him in my mind to irrelevance.

First, he used the news of Kenny Stabler stepping out of the booth after his DWI arrent to do a one paragraph hatchet job on the University of Alabama. He should have done the hatchet job on Stabler and all other drunk drivers, but he lacked the insight and 'feel' to write the correct story.

Now, he's written this piece of idiocy concerning Coach K (which I write without particular affection, I just don't want to go to the trouble of trying to spell his name). Who cares if Doyle failed in his attempt to be one of the many attempted bio leeches. There is no special circumstance that recommended him as a biographer for Coach K. I don't think he's ever been inside that program, and he certainly brings nothing beyond very meager writing talent to the table.

Here's how irrelevant Doyle is. He mentions in his article that he is employed by our Charlotte paper. I've lived in Charlotte since 1976 (as an adult), and this is the first I've ever heard of him in relation to our city! ROFL If he's invisible in his own town, that's not a good sign.

His points regarding the Olympics also lack any insight into the problems with USA basketball, and its not like they are hard to spot. For many years, USA players have chased the money as early as possible, before their skill sets are fully developed, and once they reach the pros they just don't develop much more as players. They also have a distaste for the team game, as they don't figure being a cog gets the covers or endorsements to add to their already fabulous wealth. Thus we have many NBA teams that can't run a rudimentory 2 on1 or 3 on 2 fast break.

When we put these selfish, greedy, underdeveloped players up against squads that know and practice fundamentals, they struggle. Our defeats in international play in recent years have nothing to do with the coaching ... they just don't have the solid tools to put in play that they need.

Notice how, even in the NBA, foreign players are starting to filter to the top of our awareness, because they are just flat out playing better than most American players.

The situation has ruined the NBA for old school fans, is in the process of severely damaging the college game, and the results of recent international competition speak for themselves.

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