Posted on: May 28, 2009 9:05 am
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NBA "Home Court Advantage"

NBA "home court advantage" has always been one of the biggest open "secrets" around.

Only a few teams that are going to bring nice TV ratings in the playoffs get even calls on the road.

Let's look at just a few examples from THIS season.

Atlanta Hawks: 31-10 Home, 16-25 Road
Chicago Bulls: 28-13 Home, 13-28 Road ... ROFL
Dallas Mavericks 32-9 Home, 18-23 Road
Miami Heat: 28-13 Home, 15-26 Road
Utah Jazz: 33-8 Home, 15-26 Road (EIGHTEEN game swing!!!!)

It really makes no sense for any of these teams to be so dominant at home and so hapless on the road without an external factor entering into the results.

In other sports, you don't see this kind of swing. You'll see teams that are dominant at home around .500 on the road, but that's about it.

In the NHL, only Ottawa had a similar type of record, and in the young MLB season, only the San Diego Padres have such a record. Yet the NBA teams listed above are just the biggest swings, there are a few others that exemplify the phenomenon. 

I've noticed this about the NBA since I first started following the sport in the 70s. Its been a part of that league for as long as I've watched their standings. Of course, when my team was on the road, these "home court" calls outraged me. When at home, I chuckled gleefully when one of my guys picked up the ball, took three steps, barreled over a set defender, dunked, and stepped to the free throw line for his three point play. LOL Any serious fan has to admit they've noticed these types of calls over and over again. Why do you think the NBA is the most sensitive league in sports when it comes to coaches or players criticizing the refs' calls? Because those calls can't really stand any scrutiny ... at all.

Tim Donaghy didn't need to do a thing to 'fix' games but to stop calling the home court advantage fouls. LOL There was no need to call spurious fouls or reverse foul calls, because that happens quite often in almost every game anyway!
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