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Posted on: January 4, 2012 1:52 pm

Professional Trolls

Professional trolls are not an attractive phenomenon in the recent history of sports writing, and unfortunately CBS has at least one full time pro-troll and a few part timers.

We all know the identity of the full time pro-troll, Gregg Doyel. Doyel spins his little columns with a carefully calculated eye to creating the most controversy he can, and stepping on as many toes as he can. That way his little controversies spark a lot of outrage and a lot of page views. Thus we have the paradox of bad sports writing producing a more successful sports web site.

Once the concept of journalism meant something to the CBS Network. They had top notch reporting, and the most respected anchorman in the history of television journalism. Eventually, ratings greed began to creep in and spoil the milk. It didn't start with Doyel. In my opinion the first egregious early example was Dan Rather at the 1968 Democratic Convention, making an ass of himself, provoking a punch, and then screaming at the top of his lungs about "journalistic freedom". Cut to Cronkite in the booth ... he looked ready to throw up.

The trend continued on "60 Minutes". While "60 Minutes" was intended to be a tough investigative show, and often was, it also has descended just as often into spectacle. I can tell you that the only two stories on "60 Minutes" that I had personal knowledge of were presented in a blatantly slanted manner when they hit the air ... containing nothing like a factually balanced presentation of those events. It immediately made me wonder that if they intentionally presented such skewed versions of those two stories, how many more seemingly forthright reports were actually webs of lies for the sake of ratings. I decided to not take the chance on being conned, and I stopped watching "60 Minutes" then and there.

Now we have a wannabe like Gregg Doyel doing something similar on this site, evidently with the enthusiastic approval of his management. He defends his stature by exaggerating his past accomplishments, then writes on without any noticeable intellect or talent. However, he has mastered the art of inflaming reasonably thinking sports fans, who read his trash, become incensed, and post enough complaints to assure management that he is read in sufficient numbers to allow him to continue his embarrassing tactics.

The fact that he is allowed to crow over his "Hate Mail' column once a week is just a further indictment of this entire shoddy piece of the enterprise.

The old timey name for this practice is "yellow journalsim", and it exists on this site in volume.
CBS should be ashamed, Doyel should be ashamed. And we should be ashamed for them.
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